Rare diseases covered : a summary

The expertise of the FIRENDO network covers rare diseases involving hormone-secreting glands (endocrine glands) and the female reproductive system (gynaecology). The expertise of our members also stretches to situations in which a non-endocrine disease leads to a rare disease involving endocrine and gynaecological functions.

Rare endocrine diseases are most often chronic, they can be progressive and can sometimes lead to life-threatening emergency situations.


is the number of groups of rare endocrine or gynaecological diseases covered by the FIRENDO network.

7 main categories *

of these diseases correspond to the individual expertise of 7 FIRENDO reference centres (image below).

> 30 000 patients

have been diagnosed with a rare endocrine disease in France.

* Note: this classification into 7 categories is different from the one given in the section "Guide to Rare Endocrine Diseases", which, to increase legibility, groups the rare diseases according to the affected organs/ cell functions.